steven jay photo

event, portrait, and real estate photographer based in los angeles, california

innovative. mind-blowing. awe-inspiring.

these are all adjectives that have been used to describe photos. on occasion, they’ve even been used to describe mine. in case you didn’t already know, i’m a big fan of capturing beautiful and amazing moments with my camera.

want some landscape photos? i’m on top of it. i’ve shot all over california, the southwest, and across several continents. you’ll think ansel adams himself went digital and took the pics. if i haven't already captured it, give me an address, and consider it captured.

looking for someone to photograph your event? i’m your guy. i’ll capture every priceless moment, from the layout of the venue beforehand, to when the final guests get booted from the premises. and if you want, i’ll even edit out the wine stains from when your drunk uncle spilled on your new dress.

need a headshot to capture you at your finest? who doesn’t?! i’ve got that covered, too. with my journalistic style and easy-going demeanor, i’ll be sure to capture sides of you that even your mother didn’t know existed.

i’m based in los angeles, california, but lucky for you, i’m quite mobile. i’m happy to take on projects of any size, and i’m not satisfied with my results until you are.

so go ahead, check out the site. feel free to contact me. and if you’re still not convinced, check out the following testimonials…

“OMG, your pix are great!!!” –  Wally2534566, via instagram

“steve’s pics are awesome. like, life-changingly so. his sunset picture on my wall is so radiant, i don’t even need to turn on the lights or open the windows.” – george h.

“you want me to say something nice about your photos? why? what’s in it for me?” – mom

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